Here’s hoping for a better week

Last week was no walk in the park. My little girl is having some stomach issues, which I believe to be brought on by anxiety. Her little issues culminated in a perfect storm last week. Her teacher was absent for nearly two weeks, there are some kids in her class who are making fun of her, and the class is running a little wild due to the lack of a trained professional in the room. She hasn’t eaten dinner in over a month. It started as a power struggle, but John and I are trying to stop that.

Meanwhile, I’m well into month two of my own new job and am being expected to become a contributing member of the team. This stresses me out, as I just don’t feel ready. So I’m not helping my girl and she’s not helping me. We almost literally came to blows last Wednesday because she refused to wear her school uniform (understandable that she’d want to push the envelope since the sub is probably not monitoring uniform compliance. But I am.)

We’ve had a good weekend. Here’s hoping for a better week.

A relaxing Sunday afternoon blowing bubbles.

The calm before the Monday morning storm. Here’s hoping for a better week.


4 thoughts on “Here’s hoping for a better week

  1. You are a wonderful mom and the little ones do know how much you care. Even if they don’t always agree with you on the appropriate actions to take.

  2. We had a hard, teary, “lots of attitude” week last week as well. I didn’t slow down long engough to attribute it to the classroom situation until I read your post.

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