Little Rock

Bring Trader Joe's to Little Rock

Bring Trader Joe’s to Little Rock

I have a love-hate relationship with my hometown. Mostly love. I feel like it’s a well-kept secret. We have access to great outdoor activities, decent shopping and dining and affordable housing. On the downside, our schools need help unless you live in certain attendance zones, we have an overabundance of radical conservatives who do nothing but judge the rest of us on the daily, and there is NO anonymity. None. Want to try to run to Walgreens for tampons or something equally urgent before you’ve showered and brushed your teeth? Forget doing it on the DL. You WILL see someone you know.

I was very proud when Kiplinger’s saw the good in my city and gave us a shout-out recently.

I spent 6 years stalking Chipotle on their twitter, their contact page, their facebook, page…you name it. My campaign was to get the addictive burrito shop to open a location in LR. I stated my reasons, which were much more compelling than “I love Chipotle” (I do. So much.) I even recommended locations for the mythical new store. I engaged with senior managers in the organization, begging them over email. My 6 year campaign worked, and Chipotle opened up their first location in LR in 2011. They announced a second location earlier this year. Both are in locations I recommended during my campaign (I suggested 3 different spots).

My next mission is to get Trader Joe’s to come here. We have a successful Fresh Market and a Whole Foods that stays busy. There’s room for another specialty market with a better price point. Our economy is doing better than most of the country. Our food culture is thriving and evolving. Our downtown is rejuvenating.

Help me! Use the Trader Joe’s contact page to voice your reasons we need a Trader Joe’s. They have a gatekeeper who responds to the emails, but don’t let that deter you. If many folks request a locale & offer compelling reasons why it makes sense, perhaps they’ll start to pay attention.


One thought on “Little Rock

  1. Lisa: I carry a Trader Joe’s bag into the grocery store and get that question. “When are we going to get a Trader Joe’s,” as if I had Trader Joe’s property search guy scribbled on my forehead. Hey, we can dream. We got The Container Store before cities like Indianapolis, Nashville and Las Vegas. Keep pestering!

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