You’re so nice on twitter, but…

I’ve noticed lately – just like it’s lots easier to be MEAN in social media, it seems to be easier to be NICE too. To wit, some examples I’ve encountered recently:

  • The baker who makes cheery posts about her specials & such, but when you try to visit near closing time to pick up some last minute birthday treats, she waves you away from the door and flips over the “closed” sign.
  • The food cart vendor who is SO friendly in local media and keeps a friendly running update of his location, specials, etc. on twitter, but when you try to say hello while buying a dog, he’s surly, in a word.
  • The coffeeshop proprietor who has a beautiful instagram account where he proclaims “life is good” and thanks his customers repeatedly, but when you make a visit for lunch, he doesn’t look up from the newspaper, even though you’re the only table in the entire shop.
  • The acquaintance/distant relative/stepmom who posts inspirational bible quotes all.over.facebook, but hasn’t spoken to you since last Christmas.

These are real-life examples from my social media interactions, but you surely have these people in your lives. We all do. What I’m saying is: being nice on social media doesn’t exempt us from being nice IN PERSON. I need to remember this just as much as anyone.


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